Mudfest 2013

Welcome to MUDFEST 2013!

Mudfest 2013, October 4-6th, celebrates the mud season by combining the mud with our passion for 4x4 adventures. Come watch the competitions and exhibitions or bring out your own 4x4 vehicle and sign up for the obstacle course, mud runs, or truck pull. There will be plenty of clean and dirty fun for the kids and adults, including Off Road 4x4 Mud Competition, Mud Wresting Pit, Lumberjack Log Rolling Contest, Car Crushing, Golf Cart Racing, ATV Mud Pit, Wet T-Shirt Contest and much more.

  • Off Road 4x4 Mud Competition
  • Mud Wresting Pit
  • Lumberjack Log Rolling Contest
  • Car Crushing
  • Golf Cart Racing
  • ATV Mud Pit
  • Three Days Event
  • Wet T-Shirt Contest

Mudfest is First Weekend of October 4th 5th & 6th
- Fund raiser for the VHL Society
- Ticket 50 in advance Ladies are free
- Camping Available
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